Bait-Tech Bait-Tech Bait-Tech Our ethos has always been that we had to produce truly outstanding products from only the very best of suppliers. As anglers ourselves we know the true value of using the best baits, as some of our team of field testers will testify and show you! All of our products are manufactured and sourced using only the highest quality ingredients and additives and most are supplied exclusively to Bait-Tech. We spend literally hundreds of hours refining our products, from bench testing the mixtures, to tank testing feeding responses right through to on-the-bank fishing in the very extremes of the sport. From match fishing at the highest level to perhaps seeking out some of the most sought after specimen fish this country has to offer: bait is our passion! 157562349 Fluro pop ups Super bright, super buoyant, visually appealing and packed with pungent flavours, our Hi-Viz Fluro Pop-Ups are set to gain a massive following in 2012. Viz-ually stimulating to inquisitive fish, they will get their attention! 157562354 Method Boilies A natural progression from our sinking boilies was to produce a range of pop-ups. So, that?s exactly what we?ve done! It?s taken months of tweaking and testing by our product development team but we?ve finally reached what we believe to be the ultimate balance of colour, flavour and buoyancy. Available only in a tub of mixed colours (red, white, yellow and green) in 10mm Shellfish. 157562362 Boilies These Bait-Tech Shellfish Boilies are the perfect hook bait for use in conjunction with the method feeder, bagging waggler or in any big fish situation. They are the number one choice for successful anglers everywhere. Not only do they make the ideal choice for all sizes of carp and bream on any lake or commercial water but they?re a perfect big fish choice, too. Best fished singularly or as double hook baits to fool wised up commercial carp. Available in 8mm and 10mm sizes in red, yellow, white and green and New for 2012 available in Orange! They?re expertly rolled to produce uniform, highly effective hook baits 157562351 Sweet coconut carp method mix Designed with a high food value, Big Carp Method Mix is a blend no big big fish will resist. Packed with one of the best attractors and food sources: Sweet Coconut. This mix will not only attract big fish but keep them feeding as they graze to find the crushed hemp, milled tiger nuts and other key particles in this rich amino packed bait. 2Kg bags offer great value but with enough bait to last the session when moulding around big feeders. Big hits and instant bites, method fishing will never be the same! 157562350 N-Tice Meaty mix The one everybody is talking about! A very unique fine blend of pure meat proteins, added meat meal and a few other secret ingredients. Pungent attraction is guaranteed! When you open a bag you'll see what we mean. A perfect partner to all meat and pellet baits, this super fine grade groundbait has decimated fisheries all over the country. A true one off all-rounder that packs a punch! N-TICE Meaty Mix not only attracts fish into the area it also stimulates fish into a feeding frenzy thanks to the complex, superior ingredients. Having undergone more extensive testing than any of our other Bait-Tech mixes this highly attractive concoction was two years in the making. Extensive trialing by our top anglers has seen N-TICE Meaty Mix blow rival mixes out of the water when fished side by side with the competition. Ideal to use when targeting carp, bream and barbel. 157562360 Special 'G' This groundbait was developed for fishmeal believers. Still the most popular fishmeal based groundbait available and the reason is simple: GPS90, and these two have it in abundance. This highest grade super soluble fishmeal is the most pungent and powerful fishmeal attractor bar none! The super soluble properties of GPS90 means the area of water surrounding your rig, or feeder are saturated with attraction. Now the most popular green fishmeal groundbait used and you know why? It works! Combined with other top quality fishmeals, ground pellets and/or attractants, Special 'G' has forged a reputation as the ultimate fish catcher. Whether method fishing, cupping, balling, as a stick mix or as a paste, Special 'G' does everything. 157562363 Marine Halibut pellets If there's one type of pellet you could use for the rest of your fishing days then you would choose Halibut Marine Pellets, the ultimate big fish bait. A proven big fish catcher in the specimen world & equally as effective for smaller commercial carp, or river barbel. These high protein, high oil pellets are packed with high leakage attractants that will slowly release in your swim. A slow breakdown means higher attraction levels over longer periods, perfect for big fish anglers and proven as THE pellet on many of today's top waters. Available in standard pellet form in 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 10mm and in a pre-drilled in 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm for easy hair rigging. 157562356 Premium feed Pellets A good quality feed pellet is a must to get the fish in your swim actively searching for food. As the name suggests our 'Premium' version, available in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm, are made with top quality ingredients including the number one feed enhancer, betaine. These fishmeal pellets boast consistency in shape and size with high attraction and quick breakdown rates which means they fit the bill in all coarse/match fishing situations. All of the pellets sink straight from the bag and can be used dry, or pre-soaked for moulding around a Method feeder, packed inside an open end feeder, pellet feeder or moulded into balls for feeding in deep water. 157562353 Special 'G' Feed Pellets Long had we wanted to launch a feed pellet that was as potently effective as our Special ?G? Green groundbait! Well?now we?ve cracked it that?s exactly what we?ve done. Packed full of the same fishmeal and attractors as our world renowned groundbait Special ?G? containing high levels of pre-digested fishmeals including GPS90, Betaine feed stimulant and Spirulina (a human grade dietary supplementary/feed enhancer). We challenge anyone to find a more attractive pellet available on the market! 157562364 Mojo Groundbait Groundbaits don't come any easier to mix than Bait-Tech's Mojo. Packed full of pure fish and the highest grade soluble fishmeals it's a tried and tested formula suitable for all styles of fishing. Mojo is still the most respected big fish stick mix, method mix and spod mix available. Its prowess extends beyond commercial waters too as it has become a staple choice for many specimen carp anglers' stick mixes where ultimate attraction is imperative. For lake fishing in a feeder, spodding or even as a paste it is a big fish attractor. Contains some unusual ingredients that fish love. Specifically suited to carp and other big fish fishing this mix will give you your Mojo back if your results are in need of a confidence boost! The record this bait has is truly unbelievable, a fine blend of brilliance, ask the lads in the know! 157562359 Karma method mix Take your Method fishing to the next level with the Method mix of all Method mixes! Karma is the new name for our unbeatable blend of fishmeals and meat derivatives. A fast breakdown method mix made with biscuits, fishmeals and meat proteins giving truly unique fish-catching properties. An extra fine groundbait deigned specifically to pack a heavyweight punch when it comes to attraction, with minimal feed. This results in your hook bait standing out like a beacon equaling more bites and ultimately more fish in the net. Many, many anglers know the power of this unusual, fine-ground groundbait which has the pedigree of successfully catching carp, bream and tench. Karma's record speaks for itself having proven to be attractive to all big fish it has resulted in some unbeatable red letter days and match-winning catches since its launch in 2007. This is the top of the tree method mix groundbait. A unique one off - there will never be another like it. 157562358 Envy method mix This is the ultimate success story. Made with Halibut Pellet and top quality Super Seed Hemp, this medium-fast breakdown method mix has accounted for thousands of bream and carp catches all over Europe. Time and time again it proves it?s worth ? making Envy possibly the best method mix available. Envy is made almost entirely of ground hemp and ground halibut pellets to produce an oily hi-attract mix with a medium-fast breakdown time. Originally designed as a method feeder mix ENVY has already proven a true all-round mix establishing a fantastic following. Amongst other top flight anglers this mix is one of Alan Scotthorne's first choices for balling in when targeting roach and skimmers, too. Great value with outstanding results! 157562352 Marine Halibut method mix Any groundbait that's formulated around a base of crushed Marine Halibut pellets is always going to be a bit special! Halibut Marine Method Mix is exactly that yet it has also been blended with a host of other fishmeals and top grade ingredients to produce a fine-textured, unbeatable fast breakdown groundbait. Best one on the market for the perfect big fish method mix! Carp, barbel and bream all love this one. The super-premium high grade, pre-digested fishmeal and Marine Halibut used in this bait as well as the pungent fish oils makes for a very powerful attractor and feed. This is no nonsense fish catching at it's best! Specifically designed for Method feeder fishing it's packed full of amino & fatty acids essential in any fishes diet. The perfect choice for all big fish or commercial waters. Quick breakdown, carp catching winner. 157562355 Super Halibut Marine pellets Super Halibut Marine Pellets are just as the name suggests! Even higher protein levels and packed with the super attractive shrimp meal (gives them the red colour) these pellets have the Super pulling power making them distinctly different from the majority of other pellets on the market. Slow breakdown rates means the high attraction and flavour filled oils used are released slowly into your swim as the pellets breakdown. This really is pellet perfection! Packed full of fish oils and water soluble fish attractors these pellets are versatile, super attractive and already responsible for countless big fish captures across the UK and Europe. Available in 4mm & 6mm and also available pre-drilled in 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm. 157562366 Bait-Tech Soft Hookers Possibly THE most effective ready to use soft hook pellet of all time! X-TREME hookers are loaded with the same GPS90 fishmeal used in Special G! These super charged soft hookers are a pellet with a difference and are packed full of three exclusive ingredients produced only for Bait-Tech. Supplied in re-sealable bags for ease of use and available in 6mm and 11mm sizes. 157562367 Jellets The No 1 selling soft hooker/jelly pellet is back! Same great 5 flavours but with Bait-Tech's twist! We have added a certain little secret something to the formula they are pumped with to produce an even more usable, appealing and attractive hook and feed bait. Consistency is everything and the best has just got better! 157562357 N-Tice Meat Polony (slicing sausage) is one of the all-time greats of the bait world thanks to two main factors?its meat ingredients?.and, near neutral buoyancy! Our spiced Polony has taken waters apart all over the country! N-TICE POLONY has been produced using the finest human grade pork flavoured naturally with Bait-Tech?s unique mix of garlic, betaine, herbs and spices to give it an irresistible twist. Garlic needs no introduction as one of the all-time top attractors so its addition in this instance simply boosts an already irresistible hook and feed bait. Use it punched, cubed or in big chunks for pole, feeder or waggler fishing when targeting carp, tench and bream. 157562361 Super Sweetcorn Bait-Tech has shown once again that not only do they produce THE best quality bait but the innovation to make a product even better! Grade A sweetcorn, the biggest and best available now in 3 great flavours and colours: Vibrant Orange, Tutti Frutti, Deep Red, Strawberry and Buttery Yellow Scopex. Cooked fresh without preservatives, these handy cans take hook baits and feeding to a new era! The powerful flavours and strong colours demand attention from the most wary of fish and in true sweetcorn style excel at any time of the year! 157562365 194617371 194617372 194617373 194617374 194617375